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Welcome to Sound Financial Strategies. Since 1996, we have taken pride in utilizing a different approach to your retirement needs. We understand you are much more than your money, and we strive to provide detailed and transparent service that is unique to you.


Comprehensive is a big word. People like to throw that word around, but we want you to know what it means to us. Comprehensive means we look at all the details of your financial life and help you organize and coordinate those details. We will examine your auto, home, life disability and umbrella policies, ensuring you have the right coverage with the right benefits to protect you and your retirement. We will discuss Wills, Trusts and Estates. We will explore Social Security and discover if starting those benefits earlier or later is in your best interest.

For us comprehensive is an in depth word.

Ever wonder if your current retirement plan is a result of someone just following a template or being told what to say or sell? Often at “big firms” the representative is offering the same product to everyone. We do not subscribe to that way of doing business. In order to provide transparency and a plan that is unique to you:

  • We understand everyone’s retirement needs are unique. We want to build a strategy that is personalized and designed to protect all aspects of your financial life. 
  • We believe in doing what is right for our clients. Period.
  • We believe in relationships. Our relationships with both our clients and partners keep us focused on the long term goal of our clients, and supporting them for a lifetime.

We invite you to either sit and talk with us individually or perhaps in a group atmosphere by attending one of our Pre-Retirement Educational Seminars at many community colleges in the Pierce County area.  Give us a call and we will happily provide you with the details of our upcoming seminars.  

We look forward to meeting you.

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