We Are Different

Relationships – Putting Clients First

At Sound Financial Strategies, we are passionate about first building relationships with our clients. By doing so, we better understand who our clients are and have a clearer picture of their lives and retirement goals. 

Comprehensive Retirement Planning, Implementation and Monitoring

Our strategies are designed to provide guidance throughout the life cycle of your retirement journey. Whether you are just beginning to plan for retirement, or already retired, wanting to save for college, needing business succession plans, or estate planning for your children or heirs, or charitable giving, we want to help you develop these plans and provide a strategy to get you there. We will help you:

  • Organize your financial documents and give you a better understanding of where you and your money are currently going. 
  • Create and implement strategies that are based on your personal goals and what’s important to you. 
  • Communicate about your plan on an ongoing basis,  taking into account your life events. Making sure that your money functions for you in the best possible way.

We are:

  • Relationship focused: We care about your success and helping you achieve your retirement goals. 
  • Experienced: We have decades of experience and come from different arenas to help guide your financial choices.
  • Educated & Credentialed: We carry gold standard credentials and make sure to uphold the highest standards of our industry. 
  • Technology: The world is changing …. Quickly! We use today’s technology to make sure we are providing the best options for our clients. 
  • Community: We believe in community and giving back to the community with volunteering and fundraising. We are Rotarians and have volunteered for local food banks, and Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital for years.