At our first meeting we start by simply getting to know each other through fun and enlightening conversation.  We begin to share with you who we are professionally and on a personal level. In return, we will likely ask you very in depth, thought provoking questions about what you want to achieve while working and later in retirement.  What would be ideal?  What would you like to have in retirement?  How would those ideals enhance you and your family? What would you need to finally realize those visions?  You will quickly see how our conversations allow us to stand apart from the more traditional retirement planners.


In order to build strategies specific and unique to you, we request you bring the following to our first meeting: 

  • Previous year’s tax returns
  • Paycheck stub or sources of income statements
  • Bank statement
  • Last Will and Testament and other supporting documents
  • All Personal Insurance Policies







  • Social Security benefit statement
  • Most recent Mortgage statement
  • Current Investment statements



The second meeting, we will verify your information and data in the Simulator.  This is an important step as we need accurate data to test out our simulations.  Just like in the medical field, where professionals use “Evidence Based Medicine”, we use “Evidence Based Retirement Planning”.  As we continue to meet, we will build a financial picture of who you are and what you have accumulated. At each meeting, we will pick one or two areas to examine and discuss. From here, our goal is to find ways to improve your financial picture


Eventually, we will have created an Individual Model for you and your family.  This is where the process becomes fun!  Now we are able to see how implementing changes into your financial life may enhance the result. We are able to test out various solutions to find an ideal position for your income needs. Throughout this process, a rapport and trust will be built. At the conclusion of every meeting, our mission is to have you walk away knowing more about your financial life than when you walked in the door.  Now, you will begin to see the true value of our conversations.


Changes will occur both in your personal life and in the “outside world”. Since this is an inevitability, we need to meet on a regular basis to ensure we are on track and what we are doing is optimal.  Little changes here and there are necessary and whether it is sitting across from each other or via a web meeting, continued conversations are paramount to success and to maximize your wealth.  

Let’s Talk!

We invite you to either sit and talk with us individually or perhaps in a group atmosphere by attending one of our Pre-Retirement Educational Seminars at many community colleges in the Pierce County area.  Give us a call and we will happily provide you with the details of our upcoming seminars.  

We look forward to meeting you. There is no fee, or charge, or pressure or hype. Just communication.