What We Can Do For You


Educational Seminars – for both working & retired individuals and existing companies!

Sound Financial Strategies provides customized seminars on a wide array of topics. Our seminars are held at local community colleges, at your place of business or via the internet as a web conference.

We will discuss:

  • What to do to prepare for retirement while working
  • How to transition into retirement for both employee of a company or as a business owner
  • How to create permanent income streams in retirement in addition to social security and/or a pension
  • How to pass along your wealth without sacrificing a lifetime income stream
  • Strategies designed to protect you and your assets while both working and in retirement


  …and perhaps most importantly, we can assist in giving you a permission slip to have fun in retirement without the concern of running out of money.



The first thing we should discuss is how to organize your financial life.  We do this with the assistance of a very sophisticated simulator.  Now, perhaps for the first time ever, you will have the opportunity to see your financial life on one screen. You will see your current situation and how your protection, savings, cash flow and debt all interact together. Immediately, we will see if there are opportunities or foreseeable problems in your retirement plan.  Both of which we will address and either enhance or minimize as needed. 



Everyone is unique, and thus your investment risk and style are also.  We take the time to get to know you and your desires and objectives and work together to protect and grow your wealth. We work with you and your personal goals to preserve your wealth and legacy with estate planning and perhaps help you build trusts that provide for the people and charities important to you. As a result, our clients come to love what we do and remain loyal because we build a unique retirement plan around you and your specific life.  



Did you know there are 11 different sources of income while retired?  Our main objective when discussing your retirement is, “how many of these income streams can we create for you?” The more avenues you have that provide income, the safer and happier you tend to be in the latter half of your lives. This is one of the pieces we do best. Together, we will discuss many of the important decisions everyone faces while approaching retirement.  



We will introduce you to a system called Income For Life™.  Here, you are able to see all your income sources while working and in retirement.  Almost immediately we will see if there are any income gaps or potential problems.  Once we have that information we can recommend solutions designed to correct these concerns.  We will discuss what happens if you pass prematurely, what if you live a long life?  Once we have completed our analysis, we can then recommend solutions to help resolve that potential concern.   



We will spend time discussing how to protect you, your family and your assets.  We will go over common types of insurance policies;  including both personal policies (e.g. life, long-term care, disability, homeowner’s, auto, liability) and employer sponsored group policies (e.g. life, AD&D, disability, business travel/accident).



Together, we will talk about estate planning and how to begin or strengthen what you have already accomplished.  Specifically, we will assist with the creation of: Last Will and Testaments, Powers of Attorney, Trusts (both Revocable and Irrevocable), Pour-Over Wills, Probate proceedings and Charitable Giving.  We will discuss beneficiaries and coordinate estate planning.  We will spend time to ensure your Beneficiary Designation Forms match what you want to happen with your inheritance.



Here at Sound Financial Strategies we have over 65 years of combined experience at helping our clients run and grow their businesses. We take pride in assisting you from:

  • Starting a Business and what type of business formation is optimal for you.
  • Growing your business into something that is self sustaining.
  • Eventually, conversations on succession planning and selling.


We never charge for you to meet with us. All our meetings are free of charge. We are however paid commissions on insurance, annuity, or long term care products if you choose to utilize one of these instruments in your retirement plan.

Let’s Talk!

We invite you to either sit and talk with us individually or perhaps in a group atmosphere by attending one of our Pre-Retirement Educational Seminars at many community colleges in the Pierce County area.  Give us a call and we will happily provide you with the details of our upcoming seminars.  

We look forward to meeting you.