Eric Lansford

Executive Management

Who I Am – I did not grow up with money. Raised by a single parent of two children I learned early on the value of a dollar and the importance of making wise decisions with finite resources. As a young boy I had numerous part time jobs and learned how to budget my money for the things I wanted in life. While in college, I found a desire to teach. I wanted to become a professor. Both my parents were teachers and so I believe some of this desire was instilled in me at childhood.  Though life did not take me down the professor career pathway, the desire to teach never left. So, when I chose a career I was fortunately introduced to the world of finance and the opportunities it provided. So, that is how I conduct my practice. I teach. I will teach you about the world of finance for your personal life. As a result, a mutual trust, a wonderful rapport, and many times, friendships are developed.

The wealth building ideas and strategies I teach my clients are the same principles I practice in my own life. They work; I started out from scratch financially and have been able to build a successful financial life for my family through patience, discipline, smart common sense investing and financial management. I am excited to meet you, and eventually your family at many of our Client Appreciation Events. Reach out to me and let us begin learning together.